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Enrich Moisturizer Styler + Nourish Treatment Masque Fragrance Free


Oprah Magazine named Nourish top 19 in 4C hair care!

"Finally a product I will use consistently on my natural hair!" Lydia F, customer.

Put an end to excessive shedding, dryness and breakage!

Enrich + Nourish will infuse your curls with weightless moisture and deep conditioning!

Our customers say Enrich + Nourish leave their curls soft and defined! Oh and they love the styling flexibility from wash and goes to twist outs to flexirod curls!

And when your curls capture his attention, let him gently caress them, but not too much though. It's a frizz free zone!

Grab a few bottles of Enrich since he’ll want his own.  He may even want Nourish too! You just never know.


You’ve got the curls of your dreams!

100% no risk satisfaction guarantee.

What's the secret? Nourish is a deep conditioner that smooths damaged areas in the cuticle and promotes stronger curly, coily hair. Enrich is a moisturizing, weightless leave in styler that promotes moisturized and softened curly, coily hair.

Powerhouse ingredient: Hydrolyzed oat protein is a powerful humectant that works twice as hard to moisturize hair. It bonds to hair and grabs and retains water in hair. It increases hydration.

Safe for: All hair types including natural and chemically-enhanced with color, keratin and relaxer

Scent: None

Size: 1-8 ounce jar (Nourish), 1-8 ounce bottle (Enrich)

Consistency: Thick cream (Nourish and Enrich)

Color: Cream (Nourish and Enrich)

Styling frequency: Once every 6-9 days

Enrich Moisturizer Styler + Nourish Treatment Masque Fragrance Free