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Amazing Essence

25 oz. Triple Wick Candle Bowl


The Amazing Essence 25 oz. candle bowls are handcrafted using natural soy wax, high quality fragrance oils without phthalates and a natural cotton wick to ensure a clean, toxic-free burn in your home or office. 

Soy Candle Burning Instructions

Please read the WARNING label before lighting

-Allow candle to burn for approx. 1hr each diameter to create an initial memory burn which will prevent tunneling

-Trim your wick before each use

-Ensure the wick is centered at ALL times to prevent the jar from possibly cracking

-Refrain from lighting candles in drafty rooms or those with little to no ventilation

-Never pick-up a candle once it's lit or until the wax has completely cooled

-Extinguish your candle completely if the wick smokes or the flame becomes larger than 1 inch


25 oz. Triple Wick Candle Bowl