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Happy Girl Products



Sunshine lady bits. The natural way. You’ll receive all the Happy Girl goodies, allowing you to indulge in hoo-hah bliss. This is the perfect starter kit to add to your self-care rituals to effortlessly transition from harmful chemicals to ingredients that enhance wellness. All products are full size.


The Sunshine Bundle* Includes:

  • Vadge and Bum Refresher: Finally, an alternative to feminine wipes. 100+ uses compared to 30 feminine wipes, and small enough for your purse.

  • Vadge Hair-Bump Serum: The first ever plant-based hair bump serum making it safe for girl parts.

  • Talc-Free Dusting Powder: Free of talcum and a hero in combating pesky BO. Just sprinkle along the areas you deal with sweat and funk, then go on about your day.

  • Bush Oil: For those that keep the bush or not. This lightweight oil is great for thigh chafing and stopping funk in it’s tracks with it’s naturally antimicrobial oils socking it to odor causing bacteria.

  • Happy Womb with Hemp: THC Free cannabis topical spray to help calm discomfort. Menstrual pain be gone!

  • The Vadge Mask: Yep! The most powerful hair bump eliminator. It’s filled with all the right stuff to deal with a recurring hair bump issue once and for all.

  • Exfoliating Bar: This is just a must have, period! Exfoliating Bar is For External Use Only.