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Beard Shaping Tool - Template Tool For Men Kit

$19.99 $29.99

Do you think shaping your beard and mustache is something really difficult that only professional barbers can do?


We have the ideal solution for you: Royal Beard Shaping Template is a tool that will allow you to easily line up your beard and mustache in a perfect way. It is not necessary that you have barber experience.


Because of its ERGONOMIC DESIGN and its FEATURES, our Shaping Tool allows you to shape your beard, mustache, and hair. NO OTHER SHAPING TOOL CAN DO IT.



* FORGET ABOUT GOING TO THE BARBERSHOP: Now you can easily do it yourself. Beard Shaper is the ideal tool to get perfect and symmetric beard trimming lines in a matter of minutes.

* EASY TO USE: It doesn´t matter your beard's size and style. With its NEW ERGONOMIC DESIGN, this Shaping Tool can give your beard, mustache and even your hair the perfect shape. You can feel great about how you look any time, anywhere.

* PERFECT 5 IN 1 TEMPLATE: It has 5 types of edges to give you the perfect shape: Curve Cut, Step Cut, Line Forehead, Sideburns Line, and Comb.

* FITS MOST COMMON RAZORS, electric razors, and handheld trimmers without blocking your shaving view as its translucent color allows you to see your beard and mustache through it.

Beard Shaping Tool - Template Tool For Men Kit

$19.99 $29.99