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Perfect Blue Alchemy

Resonate Perfume Body & Room Spray - clear & restore energy


Natural perfume that actually lasts. Resonate Perfume Body & Room Spray is great as a perfume but also wonderful for scenting clothing, sheets and towels and freshening a room or any enclosed space needing to be transformed. This one hits different - it's formulated with a palo santo base to clear out any negative energy and usher in all that is positive and foster growth. It is effective immediately and perfect for when burning a palo santo stick isn't available or appropriate.

mysterious, complex, and inviting 

use both as a perfume and to clear energy for yourself & your space

Palo Santo essential oil

Melissa essential oil

Frankincense essential oil

Palmarosa essential oil

Orange essential oil

Available Sizes: 1 Fl Oz, 2 Fl Oz or 4 Fl Oz

Resonate Perfume Body & Room Spray - clear & restore energy